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Let Us Be Part of Your Team

Office chores keeping you from your work? We look after all the time-consuming administrative details and make you look great in the process.

Our expertise, talent and dedication helps you complete administrative, secretarial, word processing, and all manner of office support projects on time and on budget.

When you work with a virtual assistant you pay for 100% productive work from an independent contractor. This allows you to delegate routine jobs, tasks you can't do, don't have time for, or simply don't want to do. Read what our clients say.

As your virtual assistant, we handle your projects almost entirely by phone, fax, email, and screen sharing.

Are you a Realtor, Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur? Let us handle the details of creating and maintaining your website, social media pages (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn), updating your blog, email marketing and SEO, and leaving you more time to take care of your clients and close sales!

When you hire us you don't pay payroll taxes, benefits or overhead. You only pay for the actual time we spend on your task. Call us for small or large jobs on an as-needed basis. We take major credit cards using PayPal.

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We provide secretarial, word processing services, support for Realtors, and general office support to small businesses and individuals on the east coast, the west coast, and virtually... anywhere. Locally serving the Venice, Florida area.