What our clients say...

"The newsletter looks great Barbara. Thank you for being so timely...and helping us meet our goal of the 10th - couldn't do it without your prompt attention."
Amy Smith, Ebin Smith & Associates Real Estate, Encinitas, California

"Barbara does all I ask and more. Barbara keeps my sanity by handling my QuickBooks and my website and anything else on the computer that I need her to do.
Trish Kydd, Encinitas, California   www.secretgardenlandscaping.com

"Barbara Walker is fast, accurate, reliable, and has reasonable rates. She's personable, talented, and creative to boot -- Barbara is the best!
Bernard Schencker, M.D., Rancho Santa Fe, California

"I met Barbara while she was researching information for another client. She is efficient, extremely thorough and very professional. Barbara is forward in her thinking and makes suggestions to enhance projects. Her reliability and attention to detail will bring success to your business today! Give her a call. You'll be glad you did!"
Georgia Murphy, Realtor®, Encinitas, California   www.georgiamurphy.com

"I received the PowerPoint file and just had time to skim it but it looks great, you are the best!! Thanks again for the great (and timely) work!"
Michael M. Holland - Business Broker, Carlsbad, California

"Barbara comes with a bounce in her step and smile on her face and before you know it the office is tidy and organized. She quickly grasps the concept, takes project (financials, database imports etc) in hand and produces a result that makes all the difference. Thanks Barb, you are fantastic."
Liz Holakiewicz - Life Care Planner, Encinitas, California   www.lcpnurse.com

"Thank you Barbara for what you do. I love this. I can drop off my receipts and payables and while I struggle with the freeway traffic you're organizing my paperwork and paying my bills online. I don't know why I waited so long!"
G. Bowman - Businessman, Encinitas, California

"I asked Barbara to take care of an administrative task on a legal matter. She hadn't done something like it before, but was willing to give it a try with a little instruction. She has a great "can do" attitude and willingness and did a great, quick job on the task! I'd recommend her to anyone."
Karen Untiedt - Attorney, Solana Beach, California

"Barbara, I look at websites all day long, and what I see at www.mariepimm.com is a clean, professional, easy to navigate and beautiful website. Nice job!"
Cherie Young, Online Marketing Strategies, San Diego, California   www.CherieYoung.com

"When deadlines are an issue it is essential to receive service From professionals that are quick, accurate and totally reliable. Working with Barbara Walker meets our needs in every category. I truly appreciate her speed and efficiency."
Larry Michel - OneCoach, Del Mar, California

"Barbara, your handling of my mail merge project took a huge burden off me, and you thought of several details that I had overlooked. i'm glad I could rely on you."
Caryn Krasne - Mortgage Broker, Solana Beach, California

"Barbara's organizational skills were put to the ultimate test when I mailed her my "database" - boxes notes and scraps of paper. Within a remarkably short period she had designed a database and completely organized my financial life into Quicken. . . Barbara now maintains my website; generates and mails my monthly newsletter, as well as farming letters and postcards; and designs and emails property brochures - leaving me free to do what I should be doing - listing and selling properties. I credit her with a considerable increase in my productivity this year, resulting in a corresponding increase in income."
Marie S. Pimm, Realtor®, Estero, Florida   www.MariePimm.com

"I am most satisfied with all the secretarial work Barbara has been doing - forms, letters, flyers and web page content - for my new company. She is very professional, competent, creative, and dependable".
Guylaine Robert R.N.,C.I.C., Encinitas, California   www.RNonWheels.com

"I recently came to Barbara Walker with an urgent need for a professional transcription of a taped legal hearing. Her timely and accurate work aided me tremendously in making a strong presentation of my case and, very simply, paid for itself many times over... many thanks, Barbara."
Mike Whisler, CEO, Beach Components, Encinitas, California

"Barbara Walker offers all of the benefits of a full-time executive assistant on a job specific, cost-effective basis. Ms. Walker's work has always been precise and she has always performed to time sensitive projects. I highly recommend her service to anyone requiring the professional preparation of correspondence, contracts or proposals of any type. Quite simply, I would be lost without her."
R.J. O'Keefe, Encinitas, California

"Barbara has been typing my invoices, estimates and other documents for over six years. She provides fast, professional services at reasonable rates, and I strongly recommend her for anyone needing help with their office work."
Alec McTurk, Artist, Leucadia, California

"Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciated your patience working with a rather unusual database to say the least, along with all the changes I needed to make for our project. It's a comfort knowing that we now have you as a resource!"
Steve B., San Diego businessman

"Your conscientious approach to each project leads to perfect results the first time, every time. Accuracy and attention to detail in written communications say a lot about how a company runs its business. I know I can rely on you for both. You've become a valuable member of my team."
Bob Aronin, Premier Companies, Encinitas, California