What we use

The following are products and services
that we use and recommend.

  • YouSendIt YouSendIt: Lets businesses, professionals and consumers move big files. If you know how to use email, you can easily use the YouSendIt service. No more bounced emails and no big files filling up your Inbox. I use it often and - it's FREE.

  • Memo To Me Memo To Me: Internet reminder service reminder service. Specify one-time or recurring events and it automatically reminds by via email. Join today and never miss a birthday, anniversary, or appointment again! Best of all, it's FREE.

  • Quick Screen Capture: It allows you to take screenshots from any part of your screen in more than 10 ways, and save images in BMP/JPG/GIF formats. FREE.

  • TreeSize TreeSize: Powerful and flexible hard-disk space manager for Windows. TreeSize Professional shows you the size, allocated and wasted space. FREE

  • EverNote Evernote: Makes it easy to store, manage and access typed and handwritten notes, memos, webpage excerpts, emails, phone messages, addresses, passwords etc. No more little sticky papers all over your desk - collect everything in one place. FREE .

  • ColorPicker: Pick color from screen, in RGB and HTML code formats, easily and quickly! FREE .

  • Avast Avast: Full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home users and non-commercial use. FREE for home users for non-commercial use.

  • Spybot Spybot: Search and destroy - protect yourself against spyware. Detect and remove malicious software of different kinds from the computer. The best (according to PC World, PCMag.com, Download.com) privacy software available! FREE. (donation requested).

  • fileZilla fileZilla: This program lets you transfer files across the Internet. I use it to upload my web pages. FREE.

  • jZip jZip: With jZip you can quickly and easily compress and decompress files, folders, and entire folder trees to save storage space and reduce e-mail-transmission time, as well as encrypt and decrypt your sensitive documents. FREE.

  • Quickmirror QuickMirror: QuickMirror is a Windows file management utility that quickly transforms destination folders into mirror images of source folders. A great little program I use every day. Free trial and inexpensive thereafter.

  • Site Pro News SiteProNews: Subscribe to SiteProNews, the FREE daily Webmaster ezine. Lots of good SEO tips.